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The Virginian comes to BBQNation

As summer winds down and parents look forward with delight for the start of school there is still ample time for summer fun. Last week I spent time at the Portland Classic presented by Cambia at the Columbia Edge Water Country Club. What a great time and a great tournament. A 17 year old Canadian Brittany Henderson smoked the field. Pretty certain Brittany will have a very long and successful career.

This week on BBQ Nation we step away from hard core grilling and smoking and journey to the silver screen with the man with a black hat and no name.

The Virginian. That’s right, James Drury , who played the Virginian for the duration of the show joins us. We talk about, food, (yes we did get around to that) TV, movies, horses, lifestyle and a long list of topics. James is 81 and moving full speed ahead. As soon as he speaks you will remember the voice. James opened up about some very personal matters and of all the interviews I’ve done over the past 20+ years this was one of my favorites. And, yes we did do a special version of the lighting round.

If you want to find out more about James Drury, his work, his life and his philosophy please visit his website.

I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I did.

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