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Middle of Summer

By now you have cleaned your grill (hopefully) and placed it in a prominent position on the deck or back porch. Your BBQ skills are coming back to you, like riding a bicycle. The steaks are looking more like they should and the chicken is not raw in the middle. Your bravery level is increasing and maybe this weekend you will try to grill some veggies. Good for you. You can do this.

Like any acquired skill it just takes practice and patience. By the end of summer the neighbors will be hovering around and hinting for an invitation to one of your feasts. Perhaps a new grill might be in order shortly. On this week’s BBQ Nation.

Andy Black from Outdoor Kitchens Northwest will be here to discuss grills, grilling products and what you should consider before shopping for a new grill. For Andy BQQ and grilling is a big part of his life. Not only does he work in the industry, he grills or BBQ’s almost every day. For Andy it’s part of his lifestyle. Here is a link to contact Andy at OKNW.

Speaking of lifestyle James Fiske and his compatriots from Smoking Down the Highway will join us to talk about their event on August 1-2nd in Sublimity Oregon.

At the suggestion of a city council member James, Dave Edwards, Greg Atkin and others have organized a great family friendly event that benefits the veterans and the local community. I recommend you attend if you like BBQ, music, fun and yes, classic cars.

I invite you to visit the Smoking Down the Highway website and make plans to attend.

Join me for BBQ Nation Saturday 2-3pm on News Radio KXL 101.1 FM and on the Radio Northwest Network. JT

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