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Today we are going to do a bit of traveling to Brazil, at least in our minds. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many parts of the world and Brazil is one of them. The way the Brazilians cook their meat and the minimal spices they use make it different but very tasty.

Henrique Konzen owner and creator of the Brazil Grill in Portland (SW 12th ave)

is my guest. A very interesting man with an interesting story. The Brazilian Grill is authentic cuisine from the largest country in South America. The use of Kosher salt, vinegar and parsley for a baste might be a bit different for the average American taste buds. But I think you will enjoy it.

Also coming up in a couple of weeks will be Aaron Franklin from Franklins BBQ in Texas. Stay tuned for that one. You can listen to BBQ Nation at

Just Click on Listen or you can listen to older shows by going to the shows page and scroll down until you see BBQ with JT. I think you can handle it from there.

Have a good week


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